How it all started

I have been drawing almost all my life, started when I was very young. It wasn’t until 2011 that I started to experiment and use watercolours for my illustrations. And, in 2012 I created a set of classic car illustrations as a tribute to my Dad (initially) and little did I know I would like […]

Welcome to my website

My name is Eva Ason, I have been illustrating since I was very young. My art varies from maritime/boats, classic cars/bikes/vehicles, greeting cards, portraits, and more. I began drawing when I was very young and about 13 yearsago, I started to develop my own style and it has been an exiting journey ever since. I get my inspiration […]

Art of the day

This is a commissioned work for TerraFirma Training, it is framed and all ready to go to its new home. As you can see here this is a 4×4 vehicle, and TerraFirma Training offer offroad driving courses, highly recommended. I have personally taken part in a 4×4 offroad driving training, which I truly enjoyed. I […]

Scrapbooking Day & St Patrick’s Day

I love these bank holidays, when you get a day off work. I’m having a creative day today. I enjoy anything relating to be creative, I don’t only draw and paint, I also enjoy writing and do scrapbooking. It is extremely relaxing. I suppose I’ve always been creative, in my own way, as an artist […]